To protect their investment, most mortgage lenders require that their clients obtain insurance. Insurance policies for homeowners safeguard physical structures as well as personal property and liability suits that may arise if someone is injured on your property. Because the state has a long history of devastating tropical storms and hurricanes, mortgage lenders almost always insist on homeowner’s insurance before they approve any loan.

Most of these policies are quite comprehensive and will cover damage that is not the result of a force majeure, or an act of God. Fires, burst pipes, roof leaks, and even mold are covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies. That does not, however, mean that your insurance provider will pay for all repairs.

The simple truth is that if insurance companies paid all the claims they received in full they wouldn’t be in business. Even when a claim is completely legitimate and there is no sign of fraud, the company will often try to shortchange the policyholder. Most homeowners get so frustrated dealing with this confusing and ponderous process that they simply give up and accept less than they rightfully deserve. United Claims Specialists can help.

What can we do?

As public adjusters, it is our job and passion to work for benefit of our clients, the insurance policy holder. If we determine that a claim is legitimate, we can prepare, file, and negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement for you. Best of all, there are absolutely no out-of-pocket expense. In other words, we don’t get paid until you get paid.

Our team of talented and experienced public adjusters serves clients state-wide. Even if you have already filed a claim or it was denied, we may be able to help. To schedule a free consultation today, please call 1-855-321-LOSS (5677).

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