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Unless you can look into the future, it is impossible to be prepared for a natural disaster. Most strike without warning and are therefore unavoidable. One positive step you can take that may provide piece of mind is to protect your largest asset with insurance. Damage that is caused by fires, violent storms, accidents, or water leaks should be covered by property insurance. It is the most comprehensive form of coverage for homeowners in Broward Country. But it will not protect you from everything. There are a few gaps.

Floods, mudslides, and earthquakes cost Americans billions of dollars each year. They can cause irreparable, catastrophic damage and total loss. A homeowner whose abode has been washed away by a flood or mudslide has quite literally lost everything. The structure and its contents can seldom be salvaged or repaired. None of these natural disasters are covered by property insurance. The homeowner must purchase separate policies to protect his home from the devastation they wreak.

Located in Southeast Florida, Broward County is an unlikely spot for an earthquake. Flash floods and mudslides, on the other hand, are quite common. Tropical systems and hurricanes can dump feet of water on the area in short order. Therefore, it is always a good idea for residents to purchase separate flood and mudslide insurance.

If your home was damaged in a natural disaster and you are unsure exactly what is covered, we can help. Our experienced team of public adjusters will peruse your policy (or policies) and determine how to proceed. In addition to preparing an accurate and appropriate insurance claim, we can also represent you in all negotiations with your insurance provider.

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