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What Does a Public Adjuster Do For Homeowners in Hollywood?

When you run into a property insurance claim, some would say you need a public adjuster. Depending on the damage, you might start out by calling disaster management companies. If your property has been flooded, they can address the immediate cause. They can also place fans and take other measures to treat and prevent mold. This helps to mitigate the damage and show that property owners took reasonable precautions. This helps you avoid issues of negligence leading to a rejected claim.

Then call a public adjuster. Insurance adjusters can evaluate your claim once you call your insurance company. Insurance adjusters may unintentionally overlook certain parts of the problem. Some property owners assume they have to get the insurance adjuster’s report first and then challenge it. Some may not even know they can challenge it at all.

United Claims Specialists can start our work at any time. Some homeowners call us before their insurance company. They want to get solid numbers and evidence to present. Insurance companies will always review the available information before offering you any settlement. With a thorough report from United Claims Specialists, you can streamline the process.

Is It Worth Hiring a Public Adjuster for Claims in Hollywood?

Studies show hiring a public adjuster could significantly increase the amount you get. Professional work can even net you thousands of extra dollars. How does this balance out against what you pay? Public adjusters typically charge a percentage of the total value of the claim. Many property owners find the differences in payment outweigh anything you pay adjusters.

By acting early, you can also avoid lawsuits in many cases. This means you won’t be paying civil lawyers to pursue the full value of your claim. For some property owners, this alone could balance out the costs in your favor.

After natural disasters, insurance adjusters could be spread thin. They often get a more limited education, and they’re working for the insurance company. So they look out for their employer’s best interests. When you add in all the extra work after a large natural disaster, they might not get the details right. A disaster mitigation company in the same situation might also pass over many important details. United Claims Specialists always do the work to get it done the right way.

Let United Claims Specialists Advocate for You

When you call United Claims Specialists, we’re on your side. We know homes and other structures. So we know how to work efficiently and get the job done right. We want to minimize hassle and make it easier to get what you’re paid for. When you call early, you can avoid many of the hassles of only challenging an offer after the fact. If you need a public adjuster, just give us a call. We can then guide you through the rest of the process step by step until you get what you deserve out of your insurance claim.
With over five miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches and a vibrant downtown area, Hollywood is now the 12th largest city in the Sunshine State. The town also has an excellent water system that is monitored and maintained by the Department of Public Utilities. We mention this because Hollywood gets a lot of rain during the wet season. Its tropical monsoon climate results in drier months during the winter and spring and rainy ones in the summer and fall. Afternoon thunderstorms and flash floods are quite common during this period, as are hurricanes.

2005 was one of the worst years on record for the residents of Hollywood. Less than two months after Hurricane Katrina killed a dozen people and caused more than a half a billion dollars worth of damage, the region was clobbered by Hurricane Wilma. Five Floridians were killed and almost everyone in the area lost power. Hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed and the cost of cleanup and repair was over 20 billion!

The good news is that property insurance shielded most of the victims of these natural disasters from financial loss. They were able to rebuild their damaged homes or purchase new ones with the checks they received from their insurance providers. With that said, it is important to note that homeowner’s insurance does not cover all hurricane-related damage.

If heavy rains and winds cause a nearby lake or river to overflow and your abode is inundated, your provider will not pay for repairs. Property insurance does not cover floods or damage that is caused by mudslides. Homeowners must purchase separate insurance policies if they want full and complete financial protection from these natural disasters.

Before you file a claim…

Insurance companies don’t stay in business by accepting every claim. They keep their doors open because they customarily underpay and reject inaccurate or improper requests. So before you file a claim with your provider, have one of our public adjusters look it over. They will let you know if the petition must be satisfied based on the terms of your policy.

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