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Created in 1925 and named for a sitting governor, Martin is one of the smallest counties in the state. There are only about 140,000 year-round residents, most of who reside in small suburban towns. In fact, the largest and only incorporated city in the county is Stuart, which has a population of just 15,000!

Most of the cities and towns in the county are inhabited by working-class people who have growing families. They have small downtown areas that are considered quaint by tourists, but do not draw large crowds. When it comes to tourism, Martin is one of the least attractive counties in the state. There are no theme parks or shopping districts that cater to visitors. There are only small towns and tight-knit communities.

Like most coastal regions in the Sunshine State, cities in Martin County are vulnerable to inclement weather, including tropical storms and hurricanes. More than twenty full-fledged hurricanes have passed through the county since it was established. Most cause indirect damage, as both Jeanne (2004) and Wilma (2005) did.

All of the towns and cities in the county have two seasons—a dry and a wet season. The wet season, which lasts from late May through October, coincides with hurricane season. This is the time when the winds change and violent storms come up from the Caribbean. Located in a transition zone, the region is often a hair’s breadth away from being hit by a major storm.

Most local residents make sure that their glass windows and door are protected by storm panels and shutters before hurricane season approaches. They also check to make sure that their insurance coverage has not changed. Because it is perennially battered and buffeted by strong storms, property insurance laws in the state are constantly changing.

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