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Located on a series of natural and constructed barrier islands, Miami Beach is one of the most famous resort towns in the state. The city was incorporated in 1915 and presently has a population of nearly ninety thousand. It is separated from Miami city proper by Biscayne Bay, which gives the growing community a small-town feel. Along with the port and downtown Miami, the three areas comprise the commercial center.

Home to the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world and several shimmering beaches, the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Sunshine State. Its diverse population swelled after the Second World War, as immigrants from South America and the Caribbean islands came to Miami Beach. The city is now one of the richest commercial areas in the region!

But all is not perfect in paradise. Situated on the Atlantic Ocean, it is in close proximity to its confluence with the Gulf of Mexico, and is therefore vulnerable to inclement weather, including tropical storms and hurricanes. Miami Beach has suffered two direct hits in its history (1926 and 1964), and has sustained indirect damage from just about every major storm to strike the region, including Katrina (2005) and Wilma (2005).

Like other resort towns in the state, Miami Beach keeps on the qui vive for ominous clouds on the horizon. They have an excellent public service department that clears the streets when skies darken. Most of their residents also have storm windows and panels to protect their glass windows and doors. But some folks forget to check their insurance coverage.

The most compressive form of coverage, property insurance protects your abode from damage that is the direct result of a tropical storm or hurricane, including flying debris and falling tree limbs. But it may not guard your biggest asset from flood damage. If you live in an area that has not been designated a flood zone, you may have to purchase flood insurance.

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