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Monroe is a small county located on the southwestern tip of the state. It includes the islands of the Keys and its county seat is Key West, where more than one-third of its population resides! Named after the fifth president of the United States, Monroe County was created in 1823. Famous for its laid-back attitude and fun-loving spirit, the Keys attract millions of tourists each year. The region is slightly less crowded during the wet season, when violent storms threaten the area.

Because of its proximity to the Caribbean, many of the cities and towns in Monroe County have a tropical savannah climate. This means a lot of rain falls during the wet season, which lasts from May through October. But geography and prevailing trade winds shield the region from most of the major storms. Though the area frequently experiences excessive rain fall, it is seldom in the direct path of a tropical storm or hurricane.

Of course, that does not mean lightening never strikes twice. Lower-lying areas are extremely vulnerable to floods, as more than sixty percent of Key West homeowners discovered after Hurricane Wilma passed through in 2005. The storm flooded entire town and left most residents without power. Some homeowner’s were covered, while others were left to twist in the wind.

Are you protected?

Depending on where you reside and the local insurance laws, you may or may not have to purchase a separate flood insurance policy to shield your home from inundation.

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