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How Can a Public Adjuster in Delray Beach Help You?

When you need to file a home insurance claim, homeowners often assume their insurance company will take care of it. They send an adjuster to evaluate the damage and give you a number. You can then sign the paperwork and move forward with repairs and the check or dispute it. Depending on the repair company and others you’re working with, you might readily sign only to run into more problems later on.

United Claims Specialists can be called in at any time during the claims process. We can reevaluate and provide an opposing viewpoint if you disagree with insurance adjusters. When property owners call us immediately after the damage is discovered, we can get to work. We’re familiar with the most common claims and everything that comes along with them. We also recognize issues that could negate your claim in the state of Florida.

With years of experience as public adjusters, we’ve learned to account for all the factors big and small. We have no relationship with your insurance company, and our adjusters are well trained in every aspect of the process. Our only job is to make sure everything is carefully inspected. This could include things like finding the source of a leak and addressing mold issues. It could also mean accounting for other weaknesses that haven’t caused damage yet, but they could lead to another claim in the future.

Get More Out of Your Claims with Public Adjusters in Delray Beach

Studies prove property owners who call public adjusters get more out of their claims. Just like an auto accident, some accidents in a home won’t justify a claim. If your deductible is $500 and you sustain $800 in damages, you may not want to pay the hike in yearly premiums. If your entire basement has flooded or you notice other signs of significant damage, you could lose thousands of dollars. If you depend on insurance adjusters alone, you could lose even more.

United Claims Specialists have more training and an objective viewpoint. We take the time to look for both immediate damage and potential hazards. This leads to bigger settlements. If you call early, it also reduces the hassle of disputes with your insurance company. Depending on the case, it could even mean avoiding a lawsuit later on.

United Claims Specialists provide the information insurers need to make a firm decision. We can include numbers, professional descriptions, and more. This makes it easier for them to accept your claim instead of creating more problems for you. With the right documentation, some insurance companies may provide what you’ve asked without a challenge.

Qualified Public Adjusters in Delray Beach Can Help You

You could be the victim of water damage, mold, robbery, or other home claims. When relying on insurance adjusters, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in compensation. United Claims Specialists can help you take the preemptive strike to get the most out of your home insurance claim.

Located in the middle of the state’s Southeast Economic Region between to seaports and two international airports, it is approximately equidistant from Boca Raton (to the north) and Boynton Beach (to the south). Delray Beach has a growing population of nearly 65,000, according to the latest census.

Like most cities in the area, Delray Beach gets its fair share of inclement weather during the wet season, which also coincides with hurricane season. Some of the tropical storms that form in the Caribbean move north and cause damage to crops and property each season. According to historians, Delray Beach has the dubious distinction of being fifth on the list of U.S. cities and territories that have suffered the most direct hits by hurricanes. The city was blasted by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and brushed by several other major storms.

Because of its history, residents of Delray Beach keep a close eye on the weather. They install storm shutters and panels on their glass windows and doors and make sure their property insurance is up to date.

If you live in Delray Beach and intend to file an insurance claim, dial 1-855-321-LOSS (5677) today. Our team of experienced public adjusters will peruse your policy and give you their expert opinion for free!

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