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People purchase insurance to protect their most valuable assets. But unfortunately, many insurance companies aren’t concerned with honoring these policies. Many insurance companies try to underpay or deny claims, citing a wide variety of reasons. What do you do to make sure that you get the best settlement for your claim? You can call on our team at United Claims Specialists! A Lauderdale Lakes public adjuster can help settle your claim for the best possible results. Our adjusters at United Claims Specialists are here to help you. 

How can a Lauderdale Lakes public adjuster help? 

Insurance companies are well versed in denying and underpaying claims for a wide variety of reasons. But at United Claims Specialists, we know how to fight these techniques! We can help get you top settlement for your claim. Our process involves: 

  • Analyzing your claim coverage 
  • Documenting your damages 
  • Obtaining accurate repair estimates 
  • Providing experts for claim support 
  • Inventorying the losses 
  • Negotiating on your behalf for your settlement 

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At United Claims Specialists, our public adjusters understand how to fight for top claim settlements. We know the techniques and tricks many insurance companies use to try to escape properly paying claims. We can fight these techniques, working to support your best interests. We work with new claims, denied claims and underpaid claims as well. No claim is too big or too small for our Lauderdale Lakes public adjuster!  

Can a Lauderdale Lakes public adjuster help with denied claims? 

Many insurance companies fully deny truly rightful insurance claims. They may say that you didn’t have enough evidence for your claim. Sometimes companies deny claims, implying that property owners could have prevented this damage. At United Claims Specialists, our Miami public adjusters can fight these and many other techniques which are often used to deny or underpay claims. 

We can reopen denied or underpaid claims and fight for your best interests. We can document your damages, obtain estimates and validate your claim with expert analysis. Often, we’re successful in obtaining a proper settlement for our clients.  

How can I get started? 

Are you ready to make the most of your insurance claim? It stats by calling a Lauderdale Lakes public adjuster! Call on our team at United Claims Specialists for the best help with your claim. Whether you have a new claim, an underpaid claim or a denied claim, we’re here to help you. Contact us today to get started!

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