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Late last year, Hurricane Irma made a whirlwind of an entrance into Miami Beach and onto its shores. This left many Miami Beach residents running, preparing, and evacuating as the city was labeled as an evacuation zone. When something such as this happens, it really puts into perspective how easily damages can occur, without warning, and without enough time to prepare. When disaster strikes and there are damages to show for it, insurance is the first place we turn to. However, insurance can be complicated to deal with and having a public adjuster on your side can drastically help your maximum settlement outcome, and peace of mind.

At United Claims Specialists, we work with the best of the best public adjusters, ensuring that we can bring you quality customer service that you’ll be happy with. If you’re looking into a Miami public adjuster, give us a call to schedule your free inspection today. Securing your future is nothing to wait around for.

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Here are the top 3 benefits to using a Miami Beach public adjuster:


Many individuals think that pursuing insurance companies on their own will still ensure that they receive their maximum amount, however at United Claims Specialists, we know that the chances of getting a high maximum return are higher when using a professional public adjuster. This is because public adjusters deal with insurance companies on a daily basis and know what to expect. Insurance companies also know when they’re dealing with a professional and when they’re not, which means that they know we will easily be able to understand their terminology and paperwork more easily. We also offer an objective point of view when it comes to filing claims, and can give a more accurate description of the damages without the emotional and personal perception. This helps insurance companies take claims more seriously, because they know that nothing was exaggerated or left out.


When devastation occurs, the last thing anyone wants to do is handle insurance claims. When it is your home, your family is your number on priority. When it is your business, your future and employees are your main concern. Allowing us to deal with insurance companies gives homeowners and business owners the peace of mind to separate and conquer other priorities. However, we make sure to keep our clients informed along the way so that if they have any questions or concerns, we can be the first to answer them.


Emotions may run high when dealing with home or business damages, therefore having a professional to handle all of the tedious tasks may be easier and less stressful. We can help with documenting damages, paperwork, and more. We also handle the back and forth conversations with insurance companies, leaving you to handle other matters.

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