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Insurance Claims Tips from a Home Insurance Adjuster in Miami 

There are many misconceptions home and business owners have about their insurance companies. Many people assume that because they’ve been paying their insurance for ages, their insurance company will take care of their issues whenever problems arise. But at United Claims Specialists¸ we know that this is rarely the case. Sadly, insurance companies are in the business of underpaying and denying claims to help protect their best interests. But, who’s working to defend your best interests? It’s time to call a home insurance adjuster in Miami to make the most of your claim. Our adjusters at United Claims Specialists are here to help you. 

What are tips for maximizing my claim? 

At United Claims Specialists, we know that there are many different reasons insurance companies try to underpay or deny claims. They cite a variety of reasons, such as saying that the damage isn’t as severe, or undervaluing the repair costs of your damages. Don’t let this happen to your claim! With the help of a knowledgeable home insurance adjuster in Miami, you can make the most of your claim.

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Our adjusters at United Claims Specialists suggest following some important tips for your insurance claim: 

  • Photograph everything 
  • Take video evidence 
  • Take an inventory of damaged or lost items 
  • Keep receipts to help with evaluation 
  • Call a public adjuster right away 
  • Don’t sign anything from your insurance company 
  • Don’t trust just any contractor 

There are many steps and elements to consider when you’re dealing with residential or commercial property damages. Insurance companies may try to underpay your claim, and some contracting or repair companies may try to take advantage as well. Never sign away the payment for your claims. Many remediation companies try to bill insurance companies directly, meaning you have no control over the payment for your claim. Don’t let this happen to you! The sooner you call a professional home insurance adjuster in Miami, the better.  Our professionals at United Claims Specialists can help you maximize your claim. 

How can I get stated on working with a public insurance adjuster in Miami? 

Are you ready to get the payment you deserve for your claim? Then it’s time to call a public insurance adjuster in Miami that you can trust. At United Claims Specialists, our knowledgeable public adjusters are here to help with your claim. We can work with denied claims and underpaid claims, call us today to get started!  

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