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When it comes to disasters invading and destroying our home, it can leave us in shambles. This is especially the case when destruction strikes unexpectedly, leaving us vulnerable and emotional. Many homeowners or business owners think that this emotional upheaval will allow them to deal with insurance companies constructively, although during trying times, we are bound to miss a few details, effecting our maximum settlement outcome. However, there are other options. At United Claims Specialists, our public adjusters are highly skilled and qualified, making us Orlando’s number one choice.

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Here are a few benefits to hiring an Orlando public adjuster:

As mentioned, emotions run high when something devastating happens to our homes or business. This can leave us unsure of what to do, and incapable of performing a diligent and detailed report of the happenings, damages, personal items, and more. Thankfully, a public adjuster can help work with you during these difficult times, giving you the peace of mind you need in order to re-organize your business or family.

Our public adjusters are top of the line, and because we do this every day, we understand the ins and outs of the insurance and claims business. This gives us an advantage that an individual homeowner may not have. Because we have the necessary knowledge, it allows us to file claims quicker, which then allows you to rebuild sooner.

Trying to pursue an insurance company solo is never the best idea, simply because there are many different terms and words that are confusing to those who do not work in the insurance field daily. This can get complicated, and certain important details may be missed, looked over, or answered incorrectly, therefore affecting your maximum amount. Studies show that those who use a public adjuster are more likely to get more out of their policy.

We know that you have family members or team members to be concerned about. We also know that our homes and our businesses are very important to us, and need to be tended to when something interrupting happens. With a public adjuster, we can handle the insurance, while you handle more important priorities.

At United Claims Specialists, our entire team is highly qualified at what we do. As professionals, we work with you, making sure that you’re in on the process as we proceed throughout the claim. Our number one goal is negotiate with insurance companies for your best possible settlement outcome, which can ultimately help you rebuild and reorganize like we know you need to. If you’re searching for an Orlando public adjuster, call us today. In just one call you can be one step closer to getting the financial insurance assistance you desperately need.

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