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Whether it’s a storm, mold, vandalism, flood, or hurricane, property damage is one of the most stressful endeavors. However, what if the experts at United Claims Specialists told you that it didn’t have to be? Our team has numerous years of experience. With those years, we’ve learned the right way and the wrong way to handle a case. We’ve learned what property owners need when they’re in sensitive situations. We’ve become seasoned professionals in our field. Our reputation spreads further than one might think. When Floridians from Sunny Isles Beach and beyond are looking for a public adjuster, plenty of people refer our team!

United Claims Specialists: A Sunny Isles Beach Public Adjuster

What makes United Claims Specialists such a pleasure to work with? The answer is simple, and that’s that we genuinely care about the outcome of our cases. We work diligently on every customer’s case, because we know how imperative it is that our client’s receive their maximum settlement amount. When damages occur, they can be pricey to fix. For example, when water damage takes over a person’s living room, the uprooting of carpet, drywall repairs, and flooring replacements can add up to a massive sum. Fortunately, when using a public adjuster, homeowners and business owners have a better shot at recovering more financial aid.

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While one can file on their own, the reality is that the insurance companies are looking to save money. This means that they can’t give out maximum settlement amounts to everyone. Unfortunately, this puts many individuals in a difficult spot. Insurance companies are also quite incredible at giving their policyholders a challenging time. Did you know that most people even give up on completing their filing process because of the terminology and exhausting negotiations? Dealing with the insurance company isn’t a walk in the park, but the experts at United Claims Specialists are happy to do all of that hard work for you!

The first step to filing a claim is to call a professional public adjuster. If you call United Claims Specialists, we’ll go to your home or business and assess the situation. We are highly experienced in residential and commercial claims, giving us plenty of knowledge to help you get your maximum settlement. We’ll dissect your policy and document the damage. Then, we’ll work to build a case that could save you thousands! Instead of dealing with the stress of filing a property damage claim, you can leave it to the experts! From the start, we’ll transform your claim experience, making it a relatively smooth and easy process.

If you’re looking for a Sunny Isles public adjuster, look no further! At United Claims Specialists, we know that this is an emotional experience. Our team offers compassion, genuine customer care, and incredible results. Read our reviews to find out what makes our public adjusters people to rave about! Awarded numerous recognitions, we’re here to make a difference! Call us today at 855-321-5677! We’re looking forward to making your stressful situation more manageable!

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