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Floods cause extensive water damage to your home or business. Once the stagnant water takes possession of your property, it won’t matter how much cleaning and drying you think you’re doing, mold will most likely find a home in your place. To avoid that you will need to invest in top-notch restoration services from an excellent company that knows exactly how to handle that sort of issue. But how do you do that if your insurance provider isn’t willing to cover it, and provide the compensation you rightfully need and deserve. The answer is one. Call United Claims Specialists. When dealing with water damage in Sunrise, FL or needing assistance with other claims, our trained professionals are here to help. 

When your home or place of business is jeopardized, it can be debilitating and truly frustrating. Your retreat away from the world is at risk or your job is being put on hold. Many times, insurance companies will refuse to pay you the compensation you need and deserve to begin your restoration projects, and if you, like most people can’t and don’t want to pay for these repairs out of pocket, then there’s a great chance that your lifestyle and business will be affected while these damages get repaired, somehow.

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In America, and in many other parts of the world, the common belief is that time is money, and you can’t afford to lose money. The faster you can find a team that will help you throughout this process, the better it will be. United Claims Specialists is that team for you. Our public adjusters in Sunrise, FL will sit down with you and hear your story, gather all vital information to build the strongest of claims and help you fill out important documentation and submitting the claim.  

If you or a loved one need help opening a claim, reopening a claim, and confirming it, United Claims Specialists can help you with that and more. Contact our offices today and find out how our exceptional public adjusters can help make sure you obtain the compensation you need to cover for your repairs and damages. Whether you need assistance filing a mold damage claim, marine damage claim, accidental damage, claim & much more, our team can help you.

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