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When humans first harnessed the power of fire, there was no telling the potential for use. However, along with all the benefits, fire is also one of the most dangerous and destructive forces there is. Homeowners who experience fire damage can be in for a long and expensive cleanup effort and what makes mattes worse is many are stuck with denied or woefully underpaid insurance claims. Even a small fire can create a lot of damage and if your insurance company doesn’t want to pay you what you’re owed, the first thing to do is call the professionals at United Claims Specialists. A public adjuster will help fight against underpaid or denied fire damage insurance claims so you can get your life back together as quickly as possible.

Smoke and fire damage, even minor, causes huge problems for homeowners and the cleanup effort is often time consuming and expensive. If you’re dealing with an underpaid or denied claim from your insurance company, don’t hang your head and take a measly sum, call United Claims Specialists and get the money you deserve without all the hassle. You can go back and forth with an insurance company for weeks, but without a skilled public adjuster on your side, it probably won’t get you anywhere. Only the team at United Claims Specialists is ready to help you get the money you’re owed quickly and paid in full. Don’t wait only longer to call a public adjuster who can help you with a fire damage claim!

We Adjust Fire Damage Claims!

When you call United Claims Specialists after a fire, you’re putting your trust in public adjusters with years of experience and a dedication to customer service and satisfaction. It doesn’t matter how bad your fire damage is, our team at United Claims Specialists will represent you when an insurance company gets stingy with the money you’re owed. Being a public adjuster is about looking out for honest homeowners who trusted an insurance company to help them out in their time of need. Fire damage can result from lightning strikes, electrical problems, appliance malfunction and a whole lot more. Whatever the cause of your fire damage, you should call the public adjusters with the skills and experience you need to succeed with your insurance claim. United Claims Specialists is here ready to help!

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