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Few home damage situations are as jarring or as emotionally upsetting as burglaries. Burglaries cause many types of damages, such as structural damages and property losses. Luckily, many homeowners and residential insurance policies offer coverage for burglaries. Before opening a claim, consult with our burglary claims adjusters. Our team at United Claims Specialists can help you fight for your highest possible claim payment. Whether you are facing losses, broken windows or other damages, getting the best help for your claim is key.

What types of damages will my insurance policy cover?

Understanding your policy coverage starts by calling our burglary claims adjusters. At United Claims Specialists, we can help you understand your policy coverage. Many residential and commercial policies typically help to cover property theft and damages done to property as a result of the burglary.

Our public adjusters can help if you have been robbed!Recouping funds to replace stolen items and repair damages starts with calling our public adjusters at United Claims Specialists. Our public adjusters can help you open a claim that may pursue a variety of settlements, including:

  • Property repair costs
  • Replacement cost for stolen items
  • Actual cash value for stolen items

Your insurance company has public adjusters working to protect the company’s best interests when it comes to your claim. At United Claims Specialists¸ we’re here to work for you, the policyholder. We have worked with many burglary claims over the years, fighting to get the biggest possible claim payment for our clients. We are here to fight for your claim.

What should I do after a burglary?

Burglaries are jarring experiences, but staying vigilant in your claims process is key. The first thing you should do after a burglary is call the police. First, the police can help secure your property to ensure it’s safe. The police will also start a police report, which is required for your burglary insurance claims process.

After you have called the police, call our public adjusters. We can help start your claim on the right foot, properly documenting any damages and assisting in calculating your property losses. If you have receipts, appraisals or photographs of any stolen items, this will help our burglary claims adjusters and it will help the police as well.

Insurance companies do not want to pay the full value of burglary claims. But, our burglary claims adjusters are here to make sure you get the most for your claim.

We assist with claims processes, fighting on behalf of our clients. We work for you, the policyholder. Contact us today for your no cost, no obligation consultation

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