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Easily the most populous county in the state, Miami-Dade is located at the southeastern tip of the Sunshine State. The area is also one of the most diverse regions on earth, since over half of its residents were born in other countries. Not to mention the fact that it is the only metropolitan area in the United States that boarders two national parks! Of course, the area is not an arcadia where nothing ever goes wrong.

People who live in the Miami-Dade area must contend with tropical storms and hurricanes that form in the Caribbean and move north. According to meteorologists, the region is presently in the midst of a 25-year hurricane cycle that began in 1995 and is only now reaching its peak. Residents of Florida should expect and prepare for 10-15 active storms in the coming year.

What can they do?

Like most southern counties in the Sunshine State, Miami-Dade is home to several public storm shelters. If you decide not to leave the area when the weather turns bad, these are the best places to go. It is never advisable to ride out a tough storm at home, even if you have storm shutters and panels on all the windows.

It is also important to make sure that your insurance is in order. Residents of Miami-Dade County must purchase policies that protect their largest asset from storm damage. Property insurance should cover damage that is the direct result of the storm, including damage that is caused by falling tree limbs and flying debris. But your insurance provider may not be responsible for water damage that is the result of a flood.

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