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Incorporated in 1925, Hialeah has since grown into the sixth largest city in the state of Florida. The town is located on a large prairie between the Everglades and the Biscayne Bay. In fact, the name comes from a Muskogee word that means “pretty prairie.” The city has a relatively small total area and is therefore quite densely populated.

As crowded as it has become, people continue to move to Hialeah in growing numbers. The population has more than doubled since 1970! A vibrant downtown area, good schools, and safe streets are more than enough to attract new residents. But the weather is another story.

Like most cities in Broward County, Hialeah has a tropical monsoon climate, which means a lot of rain falls in the summer and in the fall. The average American town gets just 36 inches of precipitation on an annual basis, but the residents of Hialeah receive over 65 inches of rainfall per annum. Not to mention the fact that they are far more likely to encounter tropical storms and hurricanes.

The warm waters of the Caribbean are a breeding ground for storms and some of them make it to the mainland. Because the town is located at the southern tip of the state, most major storms that make landfall pass through Hialeah. That was the case with Hurricane Wilma (2005), which caused millions of dollars in damage in the area.

Because they often strike without warning, there is no way to be fully prepared for a natural disaster. Of course, the most important steps are to make sure that your family is out of harm’s way and that your home is fully insured. Unfortunately, property insurance can be confusing, especially in the Sunshine State.

The standard homeowner’s insurance policy will protect your abode from damage that is a direct result of the storm. Windows that are shattered by flying debris and roofs that are caved in by falling tree limbs are covered by these policies. But this comprehensive form of insurance may not cover damage that is caused by inundation. Homeowners often have to purchase separate flood insurance policies. That is, unless they life in Broward County.

As flooding has increased in many parts of the county in recent years, lawmakers have altered some of the insurance laws to ensure that homeowners in flood zones are covered under their existing property insurance policies.

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