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More commonly known by its initials, “NMB,” North Miami Beach, Florida is a growing resort town with just over forty thousand year-round residents. Incorporated in 1926, it was originally christened Fulford after a local U.S. Coast Guard captain, but was renamed North Miami Beach five years later, in 1931.

With a total area of just 5.3 square miles, North Miami Beach belies its name, since there are no beaches within city limits. Why then do people come? Because NMB has a vibrant and eclectic social scene, including plenty of bars, restaurants, and clubs that cater to singles and couples alike.

Home to the historic St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church, North Miami Beach is a popular tourist resort and wedding spot for couples across the country. It also has the highest percentage of Haitian residents in the United States, as well as sizable Cuban and Colombian communities. Most came to NMB in search of a better life and brought their cultural traditions with them, including food, music, and language.

As beautiful and diverse as the city may be, it is not a utopian paradise where nothing ever goes wrong. Located on the southeastern tip of the state, NMB is susceptible to inclement weather, most of which comes up from the Caribbean during the wet season. A number of violent tropical storms and hurricanes have passed through the area in recent years, including Hurricane Wilma (2005), which caused millions of dollars in damage and left most residents without power for several days.

Local Public Services Department crews do their best to clear the streets and prepare for every major storm. But they can’t handle everything on their own. Local residents should install storm panels and shutters on glass windows and doors. They should also make sure their property insurance covers all storm damage, especially if they live outside of a flood zone, since this damage may not be covered by regular homeowner’s insurance. Residents may have to purchase a separate flood insurance policy to protect their abodes from inundation.

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