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Incorporated in 1920, Boynton Beach was named after Nathan Boynton, a veteran of the American Civil War. The former major fell in love with the balmy weather and pristine beaches in the area. The hotel he built in town drew tourists and adventurers, but it was agriculture that attracted the early settlers. Fruits and vegetables thrived in the fertile soil and warm, rainy year-round weather. This was particularly true of citrus fruits, which were helping to build an enormous industry at the time.

With a population of over sixty-six thousand, Boynton Beach is now a principal city in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area. But despite of its name, the city has absolutely no beachfront. All of the beaches are located on the other side of the waterway in the much smaller resort towns of Briny Breezes and Ocean Ridge.

Like many of the cities in the Sunshine State, Boynton Beach is vulnerable to inclement weather, most of which develops in the Caribbean. The area has been hit by several major tropical storms and even by hurricanes. The last big one to pass through the city was Hurricane Wilma (2005), which caused widespread damage to local homes and businesses.

Even with a comprehensive and effective storm response system, residents of Boynton Beach are actively encouraged to prepare for major storms. Many of them have storm windows and panels in their homes. They also check their insurance coverage on a regular basis. Because flood coverage is frequently updated, they must make certain that their abodes are fully protected before hurricane season approaches.

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