How a Public Adjuster Can Help with Hurricane Michael Damage Pensacola

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive and pervasive natural catastrophes in the state. They affect everyone. Tearing everything in their path and leaving no one untouched. At times, despite your efforts to prepare for the hurricane, water will still permeate through the structure and havoc will still come. United Claims Specialists is fully aware of the magnitude of these disasters and we know that it may appear like everything is crashing down on you, and that you are on your own when it comes to re-building and recovering, but if you’re wondering how a public adjuster can help with hurricane Michael damage in Pensacola, let us just tell you that we can help take a great deal of the burden and the pressure off your shoulders.

Hurricane Damage claim Florida

How a Public Adjuster Can Help with Hurricane Michael Damage in Pensacola

If you haven’t been through this experience before, chances are you may not be familiar with public adjusters or what they do. At is core, our profession is about fighting for people like you, who are experiencing property damage or loss. We understand the frustration and the desperation that you face as you’re confronted with the fact that your home is no longer there or that you will have to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to initiate recovery efforts. Sometimes, insurance companies seem set against providing you the compensation you rightfully deserve in a time of distress. We know, we’ve had plenty of experience in the matter. For citizens of Tallahassee, it is no different. But you should know that our public adjusters are here for you in your time of need.

Hearing Your Story – When you visit the offices of United Claims Specialists to meet with one of our public adjusters, we will first want to listen to your story, what you have to share with us about the kind of damage that took place and the issues you’re dealing with at the moment. Doing this will afford us the opportunity, as well, to best advise you and assist you in regards to how you should present your claim in front of your insurance provider.

Reviewing Your Policy – Moreover, our public adjusters will also want to review your claim in order to make certain that we are asking for things that go in accordance to what your policy permits. We don’t want to put you in a difficult position by asking for something that’s past the limits of your policy. This will let us know what’s fair ground and what isn’t.

Document Claim – Our public adjusters will document the claim in its entirety, collecting all valuable evidence and recording the facts. A public adjuster will also help you with estimates, appraisals and negotiations; bringing in experts to support your claim; maximizing your compensation as well as your recovery. Wondering how a public adjuster can help with hurricane damage in Pensacola, call our United Claims Specialists today at (855) 321-5677.

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