How does the claims process work?

At United Claims Specialists, our public adjusters can help with your claim. Here is an example of our claims process:

Advise & Assist
Advise and assist the policy holder in presenting their claim documents.
Review the policy and advise to what you are legally entitled to claim.
Document Claim
Fully document the claim and present all facts to the insurance company.
Provide the insurance company with a detailed repair estimate.
In the event an appraisal is needed we will also include an appraisal to all damaged personal property.
Provide experts if necessary to support the claim.
Properly & strategically negotiate the best possible settlement.
Minimize Stress
Minimize the stress and hardship of handling the claim process alone.
Maximize Recovery
We are trained to not only assist in getting your settlement, but to maximize your recovery.

We Negotiate A Variety of Damage Claims
With Insurance Companies In Florida

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