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Seeing your residence sustain property damage is a difficult time for any homeowner. Our home is our safe haven, and we worked very hard for it. When your haven is affected by property damage headaches ensue. It’s a very stressful situation that is only perpetuated by not knowing who you can turn to in your time of need. It can be easy to become overwhelmed as feelings of anger and frustration flood through you. Fortunately, a public adjuster can help sort out this mess and get you the insurance settlement needed to fix your damaged property. At United Claims Specialists, our mission is to help you during this difficult and stressful time.

We Specialize in Many Different Claim Services

It doesn’t matter what type of property damage affected your home, whether it’s from fire, water, mold, hurricane or even robbery, United Claims can help relieve the headache that comes from all of the above. We understand how negatively you and your family have been affected from property damage. Coupled with navigating the unfamiliar and difficult negotiations with the insurance company, dealing with property damage alone creates a recipe that could easily cause a mental breakdown for any homeowner. This is why United Claims is happy to be there for you. Our public adjusters in Orlando take great pride in their ability to help you through a multitude of claim types. From residential to commercial public adjuster or even a large loss adjuster, United Claims is the Knight in Shinning Armor you need.

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No Matter the Damage, We Got You Covered

The friendly and eager public adjusters are professionally trained to handle a wide variety of claim services. From storm damage including floods and falling debris to fires, accidents or vandalism, United Claims is well equipped to handle it all. Our public adjusters in Orlando are prepared to offer you the help you need.

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There are no words that can be said to mend the damage to your property or relieve the stress that came with it. That’s why we let our actions do all the talking. Our public adjusters in Orlando will never turn their back on you. They will tirelessly help you fight for the compensation you deserve to cover your home’s property damage.  To talk to one of our public adjusters in Orlando, call us today at (855) 321 – 5677

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