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Hurricanes, fires, and mildew are only a portion of the natural disasters that Florida offers. While the state is known as a national paradise, there are a few downsides to the beautiful beaches and primarily sunny skies. As a homeowner or a business owner, the last thing you’ll want is to have your property be part of such a disaster. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is unavoidable, and sometimes, there’s no avoiding her path. The bright side is that when you need to file an insurance claim for property damages, you don’t have to do so alone. Filing a claim takes a lot of work, research and commitment. Then, the dedication doesn’t stop after the claim has been sent! You’ll need to deal with negotiations with your insurance company, answer follow-up questions, and so much more. At United Claims Specialists, we work to provide incredible services to those of Lynn Haven. If you’re looking for a Lynn Haven public adjuster, you’re in the right place!

What to Expect from United Claims Specialists: A Lynn Haven Public Adjuster

If it’s your first time filing a claim, we understand how stressful this process can be. Everything may seem confusing or up in the air. Where do you file? How do you successfully document the damages? Do you call a public adjuster first or do you file the claim directly with your insurance company? Should you file alone? These are all common questions for the first-time property owner. Fortunately, at United Claims Specialists, we’re here to help. There are a few steps you can expect when calling our team. We do recommend that you contact a public adjuster prior to contacting your insurance company. The reason being is that sometimes our team can pinpoint alternate damages that might not have been as obvious. Additionally, we’re able to look over your policy prior to filing so that we can have a better understanding of what is covered and what’s not.

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Once our team has taken a look at the basics, we can begin building a case that will get you the compensation you deserve. We will fully document the claim and present all of the facts to your insurance company on your behalf. Then, we will provide the insurance company with a detailed repair estimate. Using photography and the written-word, we will document all of the damages so that there is physical evidence to show for our estimates. Once the insurance company has the claim in their hands, we will proceed to strategically negotiate a settlement that is fair. Along the way, we’ll keep you in the loop so that you never feel you’re unsure of what’s unfolding.

When your property is under attack, we understand that you want to know what’s going on. We welcome any and all questions, so that we can fulfill our goal of bringing you the peace of mind you deserve. Contact United Claims Specialists today at 855-321-5677 and see how a Lynn Haven public adjuster can help you in your time of need. Repairs and remodels can be expensive. Let our team do what we do best. No longer do you need to handle the claim alone! United Claims Specialists is here to assist.

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