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How Winter Storm Insurance Claims Help New York

As temperatures across the nation get well below their respected averages, millions of homeowners are experiencing dangerous property damage situations. While it can seem like all is lost in the winter months, United Claims Specialist has an alternate opinion. You don’t have to handle property damage all on your own, as we know that you have a lot on your plate as it is. Instead, you can experience the professionalism of United Claims Specialist, and see how winter storm insurance claims can help New York and beyond. Here are a few examples of damages you might be facing this season.

Winter Storm Insurance Claims Help New York

Frozen Pipes: 

The number one issue that most homeowners and business owners run into is frozen pipes. Weather below zero degrees can leave a city in disarray if there’s a shortage of running water. Frozen pipes can also cause thousands of dollars in repairs, and they can even bring damage to the structural unit of your building, unit, or flooring. This is most often seen when the building or space isn’t occupied, such as vacations and other long-term commitments.

Roof Damage

Another common issue is that snow can pile onto the roof and cause significant damage. The shingles or tiles to your home are essential as they are what protects you from the wind, cold, and other unwanted exterior elements.

Slip & Fall

Slip and fall cases experience an increment in the city during the winter. While the city does their best to keep streets walkable, the reality is that it’s a challenging endeavor. Water, rain, hail, and snow continue to hit the streets, and the negative temperatures can bring about hazardous outings. However, in front of businesses or inside stores shouldn’t be a place where you are at risk.

Get The Financial Settlement You Are Entitled To

If your home is under attack from cold weather and invasive snowfalls, now is your chance to act quickly. Winter is a tricky time of year for claims as the climate and evidence can change in a heartbeat. A United Claims Specialists, we’ll help you with your property damage so that you can get back to living in a home that you love. Contact our team today at (855) 321-5677. We’ll get you the financial settlement that your policy entitles you to.

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